June Update

So, I thought I’d do a little update of where I’m up to with my #40before40 list.

During June, I completed 2 things on my list; getting my tattoo and going to a music concert.  You can read about my tattoo experience here.  The music concert I went to see was Tom Jones, maybe not a choice for every 39 year old but he was performing locally and we thought it would be a laugh, which it was!  His support act, was ‘Into the Ark’, one of Tom’s acts from The Voice, who were also very good.

I also ticked off another ‘water’ from my list of lakes/waters to visit.  This time we visited Coniston Water.  It was a bit of a miserable day but finished off nicely with a visit to our favourite cafe; ‘Chester’s by the River’!   We parked in Monk Coniston car park and walked along the shoreline to the little jetty.  It’s only a short walk but has some quite nice views down the water.  We then walked back, crossed over the road and walked up to the Monk Coniston Estate and had a little walk around the gardens.  There are some nice views from the top but it started to rain as we were coming back down, so you couldn’t really see much.  All in all it was a nice little walk.

Although not completed yet, I have also booked a few things on my list.  I’ve booked a weekend away glamping at ‘Dundas Castle’ near Edinburgh.  I’m so looking forward to this, just hope the weather is nice!  I’ve also booked a night away for me and my husband.  And also booked to go to an outdoor cinema screening of ‘Back to the Future’ which is one of my sons favourite films – really hoping the weather will be nice for this one, not sure it will be quite as much fun in the rain!

I was starting to think I wasn’t getting very far with my list, but with what I’ve already done and what I’ve got booked, I think I’m doing ok. 😊


4 thoughts on “June Update

  1. I’m doing a 25 before 45 list which I started last year. I’m 43 but 44 in November. I’m not getting on with it this year really.I need to crack on.Watching an outdoor screening of a film is on there as well as swinmming in a lido. I did go llama trekking in the lakes last year

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    1. Thank you. I think I started my list a bit late really, as I have less than a year to complete it all! But it has meant we get out and do different things and make lots of memories along the way. Swimming in a Lido does sound fun, as long as you have the weather to go with it! x 😊


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