Tiny Tattoo!

So I finally plucked up the courage to get a tiny tattoo! My sister and I went together and got matching tattoos.

We wanted something quite girly and fairly discreet, so we could have them on show if we wanted or cover them up if we didn’t.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit scared that it would hurt (which it did!) but having already had my eyebrows microbladed (I have no problem growing hair where I don’t want it but it doesn’t grow where I do want it!), I figured it couldn’t be any worse than that!  Well, I would say that it was worse but when I had my eyebrows done, I did have numbing cream on.  But as it didn’t take that long to do, the pain was more than bearable.

We’ve had them done on the inside of our ankle.  The tattoo is approx 3/4″ and took more time to get the design exactly as we wanted it and in the right place than it did to have the actual tattoo done!  But we are both really pleased. ♥

So, that’s another challenge ticked off my list 😀


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