My 40 before 40 List

So this is my list. At the time of starting to create this list (8/4/17), I’ve got exactly 337 days to complete them all. I should have started earlier, but never mind!

I’ve researched other people’s lists online for inspiration and added some things off others I’ve found and then added more specific things for myself.

As I complete each one, I’ll put a date next to it and I’ll link to the blog post about it, if I do one.

  1. Start a blog – done 6/4/17 😀
  2. Reach my ideal weight
  3. Start drinking at least 2 litres of water a day
  4. Start and maintain a skincare routine (after all, I’m not getting any younger!)
  5. Be able to run 5k
  6. Walk 1,500 miles (currently doing a challenge to walk 1,000 from 1st of January to the 31st December 2017, so will try and do that little bit extra)
  7. Walk at least 10,000 steps everyday
  8. Achieve all 3 rings on my Apple Watch everyday – anyone with an Apple Watch will know how addictive this is!
  9. Start and stick to a 30 day challenge (i.e. planking or squats – I tend to start them and not finish)
  10. Learn Yoga or Pilates
  11. Sort out my clothes and shoes – create a capsule wardrobe, so I can always ‘find something to wear’!
  12. Watch a sunrise on the beach
  13. Watch a sunset on the beach
  14. Get a small tattoo – I’ve thought about this for some time and if I don’t do it now I’ll never do it! – done 14/6/17 😀 Read about it here.
  15. Learn to crochet
  16. Read all the books I’ve bought so far (and try not to buy anymore until I’ve read them!)
  17. Visit the 16 Main Lakes (I know they are not all lakes) in the Lake District
  18. Visit the top 50 UK Landmarks (the ones I haven’t already been to) see the list here
  19. Celebrate New Years Eve in a foreign country done 31/12/17 😀
  20. Go to a music concert – done 6/4/17 😀
  21. Go to a drive in/outdoor cinema – done 25/8/17 😀
  22. Go glamping – done 24/7/17😀
  23. Go zip lining
  24. Try Skiing
  25. Have a go on a snowmobile (Should be able to tie this in with New Year in a foreign country!)done 30/12/17 😀
  26. See the Northern Lights – tried & failed😕
  27. Do something that scares me!
  28. Put a love lock somewhere
  29. Enter a photograph competition – done 23/6/17😀
  30. Sort through my digital pictures and get the most important/special ones printeddone 😀
  31. Take a trip on my own (Will take my son but not my husband.  Although I’m quite independent, the thought of going without another adult is a bit scary!)
  32. Have a night away with my husband – our son is 14 and I think we have only had one night away on our own!booked
  33. See Wicked the Musical
  34. Declutter – if it’s not useful, sentimental or hasn’t been used for ages, get rid!
  35. Get the house finished
  36. Get the garden finished
  37. Take part in an Instagram challengedone 31/7/17😀
  38. Learn something (easy) on the guitar
  39. Do something kind for a stranger
  40. Be more confident!

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